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Don’t Let Them Go To An Orphanage!

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This is Mrs Tran Thi Thanh Loan, with her four children, aged 4-16. Mrs Loan is a a Vietnamese failed asylum-seeker, who is about to start a three-year jail sentence for helping organise an “illegal departure” to Australia in the family-owned fishing boat. Her husband, Mr Ho Trung Loi, is already in jail, seven hours’ drive from where the family lives, and is not due for release until mid-2017. No one in the extended family can afford to look after their children and so they had been told to leave their school and were to be sent to an orphanage.

I read about their plight and decided to try to help Mrs Loan’s parents care for her children. I could not bear the thought that the family was to be torn apart. I contacted Mrs Loan’s lawyer, Mr Don An Vo, and he put me in touch with Mrs Loan.

Won’t you join me in helping her family so that the children can continue to go to school and live with their grandparents? It will cost $AUS 425 a month to cover the children’s living expenses. That’s just over $5000 for the year. I have already sent the first month’s payment to Mrs Loan via bank transfer, and would like to try to raise $10,000 in total to ensure the children are well cared for, and have money in the bank to help their parents too, especially when their father is released next year.

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